How to Succeed on Your Natural Healing Journey With Herbs Without Feeling Alone, Confused, or Like You Have to Keep that "Just-In-Case" Drug Around

How I got healthy, healed trauma and ditched drugs using herbal remedies and the CALYPSO Healing Method™



✓  SELECT THE RIGHT HERBAL REMEDIES – Yes, when you learn how to find the herbs that are a perfect match for your body type, you can ditch dependence on drugs and use time-tested and scientifically proven plants to get rid of chronic pain and improve your total health.

✓ BREAK THE 3 BIG BELIEFS THAT ARE BARRIERS TO YOUR HEALING –Your best medicine lies in your mental capacity to think beyond how you feel. Break your “I’m sick” cycle by dropping the mental habits that hinder your growth and hurt your health. You'll leave this Masterclass with a mindset that heals. 

✓ GET TO THE EMOTIONAL ROOT CAUSE – Pain, illness, and disease are manifestations of pent-up negative emotion. Increase your awareness of your emotional state and learn to release negativity from the present and your past to get out of pain for good. This is the same process that I used to heal from chronic pain and childhood trauma, and that my students have used to heal anxiety, shrink fibroids, lift depression, get off drugs, regulate blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol, as well as eliminate PMS, acne, gout, anemia, IBS and more.

✓ JOIN HERBAL MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL MENTORSHIP and gain all the tools you need to turn your health issues into non-issues, holistically and spiritually


Since 2012 Selima Harleston Lust, along with her wife Tami Lust, has helped over 2100 people make breakthroughs in their health. By teaching her clients to incorporate herbal remedies and address the emotional root cause of illness, Selima empowers people to live pain-free lives.

Previously manufacturing and selling 5000+ herbal products across the world, Selima and Tami’s natural medicine and body care helped people overcome persistent health frustrations, feel more youthful, improve immunity and jumpstart healthy habits.

Selima currently runs her Herbal Medicine for the Soul program, which will help 3000 adults travel the easiest path from pain to healed using holistic practices, and Selima and Tami’s signature process, The CALYPSO Healing Method™.

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What do students and clients have to say?


"I’m striving for balance based on my personal blueprint and embracing what I tend to resist. Through this process it’s like I’ve been reintroduced to myself: this fly, complex, intriguing spirit within. I’m breaking old relationship patterns, living more fully in my truth and taking better care of myself than ever before. I feel feathery and free! Selima’s patient engagement created a genuinely fun, comforting and safe learning experience."

Carmen Ervin

"As a result of Selima’s knowledge and perceptive expertise, I now engage in a daily routine that involves meditation and herbs that tend to both the body and the spirit. Moreover, I now have a keen awareness of the emotional triggers that adversely impact my well-being along as well as practical ways in which to circumvent them. This service is invaluable."

Jessica Davenport

"When I found myself in the midst of a major emotional disturbance, I knew I needed more support than I could muster up within myself alone. I reached out to Selima because I know her caring, healing nature, and I needed help. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. She got to know my struggles and made a plan to help me reclaim my power and reclaim my joy. She had faith in me and extended her patience, herbal skills and spiritual practices to give me comprehensive guidance."

Dadrian Ellington

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