How to ditch pain and pills. For good. From a woman who did it.

How to use herbal medicine to break the cycles of chronic physical pain, mental illness, pills, and side-effects.

  • Without crossing your fingers and praying the herbs work
  • Without wasting hours on the internet searching for natural remedies
  • Without keeping just-in-case drugs around
  • With confidence in the herbs and your body's natural ability to heal
  • So you can pour energy into the things that matter most (instead of managing pain)


Since 2012 Selima Harleston Lust, along with her wife Tami Lust, has helped over 2100 people make breakthroughs in their health. By teaching her clients to incorporate herbal remedies and address the emotional root cause of illness, Selima empowers people to live pain-free lives.

Previously manufacturing and selling 5000+ herbal products across the world, Selima and Tami’s natural medicine and body care helped people overcome persistent health frustrationsfeel more youthful, improve immunity and jumpstart healthy habits.

Selima currently runs her Herbal Medicine for the Soul program, which will help 3000 adults travel the easiest path from pain to healed using holistic practices, and Selima and Tami’s signature process, The CALYPSO Healing Method™.


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