How I Got Out of Chronic Pain, Healed Trauma, and Ditched Dependence on Drugs with Herbal Medicine and the CALYPSO Healing Method™

Hosted by Selima Harleston Lust, Clinical Herbalist, Medical Astrologer, & Spiritual Teacher

On the class you'll learn how I created my own personal health care system, reclaimed my life, and said "bye-bye" to Big Pharma!

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On the Masterclass you'll learn: 

✅ The simple, step-by-step holistic process I used to get rid of chronic pain, heal trauma, and ditch dependence on drugs
✅ How to take herbal medicine the right way, so you stop trying to pop plants like you’ve been poppin’ pills⁠
✅ How herbs improve your health and why they are more powerful than drugs⁠
✅ How to choose your plants like you’d choose your partner and find the herbs that are a perfect match for you, your body, constitution, condition, and personality (they are NOT one-size-fits-all)⁠
✅ How to identify, address, and release the emotional root cause of physical pains, so they go away for good (cuz' sippin' tea isn't enough)⁠

This Masterclass is perfect for you if:⁠

📍You’ve been struggling to get the root of your pain⁠
📍You’ve been failed by Western medicine and Big Pharma⁠
📍You’ve been trying all sorts of herbs with hit-or-miss success⁠
📍 You want to learn and gain the confidence to help your community and/or enhance your own holistic endeavor⁠

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This is how I turned my health around, reclaimed my power and my joy and became a beacon of light to help my clients improve their lives as well.