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PAY IN FULL Herbal Medicine for the Soul


  • Herbal Medicine for the Soul Program
  • The CALYPSO Healing Method™
  • 100+ Hours of Healing Video Lectures, Labs & Plant Profiles
  • 40+ Ready-to-Implement Holistic Protocols
  • Becoming an Herbal Entrepreneur Business Series
  • BONUS: One 60-Minute Private Astrological Reading
  • BONUS: One 60-Minute Private CALYPSO Coaching Session
  • BONUS: 45-Plant Herb Kit mailed to your door
  • BONUS: Rewind & Reset: 7 Day Fast & Energetic Cleanse Breakdown
  • BONUS: Make It Quick & Make It Good: Master Medicine Maker's Equipment Guide 
  • BONUS: Trigger Calm Down Workshop
  • Weekly Live Community Calls
  • Access to Private Community
  • Lifetime 24/7 Access
  • 15% Off Bulk Herbs on IwillaRemedy.com
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What People Are Saying:

The course is helping me get to the roots of things way better, and I am encouraged at what this process is helping me do as far as honing my intuition and making decisions to set better standards and boundaries for myself in my everyday interactions. I want you to know how much I value the emphasis you put on realizing that health is all-inclusive and radiates to all other areas of your life vs. just taking an extra strength Tylenol for a headache that occurs after arguments.

J. A. S.

I see Selima as a spiritual elder, sagacious and nurturing in her way of being in and with the world. I’ve found comfort in the clarity Selima provided concerning some of my deeper desires, visions, and tendencies in work and play. She shared how I can best strive for balance based on my personal blueprint, and challenged me to embrace what I tend to resist. Such a breadth of information could easily have been overwhelming, but Selima’s patient engagement created a genuinely fun learning experience. I feel feathery and free.

C. Ervin

When I found myself in the midst of a major emotional disturbance, I knew I needed more support than I could muster up within myself alone. I reached out to Selima because I know her caring, healing nature, and I needed help. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. She got to know my struggles and made a plan to help me reclaim my power and reclaim my joy. She had faith in me and extended her patience, herbal skills and spiritual practices to give me comprehensive guidance.

D. Ellington

Selima has a wonderful ability to create a safe space for me to share my mind, spirit and body history. Through the herbs, I have seen shifts in my body that I have craved for a long while. Selima's additional insights on lifestyle, spirituality and space have been very valuable. I know there is much study and science to what Selima and Tami do. I will say my experience of receiving the benefits from my personal protocol has been very fulfilling, insightful and yes . . . magical.

Victoria Libertore